About Perfection of Wisdom :

GAME Explanation VIDEO - English

Perfection of Wisdom got theme from 'Heart Sutra'. From Wikipedia, The Heart is a famous sūtra in Mahāyāna Buddhism. Its Sanskrit name Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya literally means "The Heart of the Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom". The Heart Sūtra is often cited as the best-known and most popular Buddhism scripture of all.

Perfection of Wisdom is a turn based 1 vs 1 card versus game. You first choose one character from 5 unique characters, each character has 30 unique card skill set already given. Then you just choose which card skill for each turn in game. And repeat this process until you make enemy's HP from 1000 to 0, then you win.

This game is mix of fighting versus game + 2D grid map + card game + turn based game. Game gimmick is simple, you just select 2 cards and 1 bonus at each turn, this turn repeated. Each game's time ends up at approximately 5~15 minutes. So you can easily do game casually without much preparation, but this game also has deep strategic point and psychological warfare with opponent. You may know Rock-Paper-Scissor game. This game adopt that factor as core and also other various system, for hardcore card gamers.

This game use card system, but does not have card-trading or deck-making system. So entry user, light user also can play the game and can versus with hardcore gamer from the beginning, but that does not means hard strategic research effort isn't important.
So overall, this game is for various range of card gamers, unique and new style card versus game.

Key Features :
-Turn-based 1 vs 1 card battle game.
-Beautiful card illustrations from Spectromancer game's illustrators.
-Spectromancer’s one of top ranker(Nickname : SeaLeta) participate in Game design.
-Simple but solid card skill's FX effects.
-Online multiplay server, making your account for free, internet versus with worldwide gamers, lobby, chatting.
-Single mode with CPU, Arcade mode for enjoy game's simple storyline, and world-wide multiplay mode too.
-Unique 5 characters who has unique game system, and 30 unique skill cards for each character, so total 150 skill cards.
-Card game system you may never have seen before anywhere even if similar ones existed.
-Support 3 languages from the start, English, Korean, Japanese. (Will be added more languages)
-Consideration for both light gamer and hardcore gamer's favorites and game style.

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